Ornamental Cake Decorating Items Names

If you’re a cake decorator, then you know there are a ton of different tools and products out there to help you create beautiful cakes. But what are all those things called? Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most common ornamental cake decorating items, along with their names.

Piping bags and tips – These are used to pipe icing, frosting, and other decorations onto cakes. The piping bag is a bag made of cloth, plastic, or parchment paper, with a small hole at one end. The piping tip is a small, metal nozzle that fits onto the end of the piping bag.

Icing spatulas and knives – These are used to spread icing and frosting onto cakes. The spatula is a flat, blunt-edged tool, while the knife has a sharp edge.

Decorating combs and scrapers – These are used to create textured effects on the surface of icing. The comb has teeth of different sizes, while the scraper is a flat, blunt-edged tool.

Cake turntable – This is a rotating platform that you place your cake on while you’re decorating it. It makes it much easier to reach all sides of the cake and to create smooth, even icing.

Airbrush – This is a tool that you can use to apply color to cakes. It’s similar to a paintbrush, but the color is sprayed on instead of being brushed on.

These are just a few of the most common ornamental cake decorating items. With these tools, you can create all kinds of beautiful cakes, limited only by your imagination!