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Super Why Birthday Cakes

Before we dive into what are Super Why Birthday Cakes, we must first get to know Super Why! the American-Canadian children’s CGI animated educational show.

The show first aired in 2007 on the PBS Kids channel and was on till 2016. The show was designed to teach preschool children how to read interactive story adventures. With a host of interesting characters, it has captured the attention of children worldwide. So if you want to get your kid on the path to becoming a good reader, then let him watch “Super Why!”. It focuses on building great reading skills, learning how to spell, the alphabet, and word families. The fictional characters in Storybook Village find some type of a problem and the most popular “Super Why!” characters use their skills and superpowers to help solve the problem at hand.

The most popular characters are Woofster, Princess Pea, Alpha Pig, Little Red Riding Hood and Whyatt Beanstalk.

Woffster is the newest member of the team and his superpower is called “Dictionary Power” with which he can look up words that the team does not understand and explain it to them.

The idea for Princess Pea came from the Hans Christian Andersen story, “The Princess and the Pea.” She has a special super power. She can transform into Princess Presto and has the ability called the “Spelling Power”, meaning that she can spell out the words that the Super Readers need to finish their story.

And then there is Alpha Pig. The idea for his character came from the known story “The Three Little Pigs”. When he transforms in to a super hero he has the “Alphabet Power” and a special Alphabet Toolbox filled with Alphabet Map, a Lucky Letter Lasso, Brilliant Binoculars, and a Mega Magnifying Glass.

Before we get to our main character we have to get to know Little Red Riding Hood. Her catchphrase is “Red Riding Hood rolling in!” When she transforms, she becomes Wonder Red and she possesses “Word Power”. With a great fun song and her Wonder Words Basket she can change the words in the story to solve a problem.

And then there is Whyatt Beanstalk, our main character! Whyatt is the leader of the group and his name is derived from the story of “Jack and The Beanstalk“. Whyatt is Jack’s younger brother. When Whyaat transforms he becomes Super Why and he wears a green mask, sneakers, and a blue cape. Super Why can fly into books to help solve problems. He also carries a Why Writer and has the “Power to Read”.

Because of the TV show’s popularity all the kids wanted Super Why! toys and merchandise. Kids wanted to dress as Super Why! characters for Halloween and they wanted Super Why! birthday cakes as well.

What is Super Why! birthday cakes you ask? Well if we want to be technical, it is a simple birthday cake with a Super Why! theme on it. The birthday cake can have one of five main characters or all of them together, whatever the birthday boy or girl prefers. Some parents order the Super Why! birthday cake at a professional bakery and they really do make spectacular Super Why! birthday cakes. They look so beautiful that you almost do not want to it it…almost

But before you know it the birthday candles are blown and an eager kid is sitting impatiently waiting for his piece of the Super Why! birthday cake.

Now some parents like to improvise and make their Super Why! birthday cake from scratch and decorate it themselves or they buy a simple cake in the store and then just decorate it with the Super Why! theme. Some parents like to cut out the characters from paper and paste them on the cake, that is honestly the easiest way, but if you want to really do it yourself than here is a fun fact for you. Did you know that the PBS kid’s website has a really cool design center page for “Parents and teachers”? Yes, it is true and you can get your coloring page for any PBS character you need.

So to sum up what are Super Why! birthday cakes? They are cakes that your child really really wants because he or she is a big fan of the Super Why! children TV show on PBS kids. The birthday cakes are themed with Super Why! characters and they bring a smile to every Super Why! super fans face To get some idea how and what a Super Why! birthday cakes are just look up some pictures on Pinterest, the cakes look truly amazing.

Have fun making the cake in every way you like, the end result will be great, I am sure of it. Everything to make our kids happy, don’t you agree?