What to do when your cake falls apart?

Everyone that ever baked a cake knows that you can not make a perfect cake every time. Sometimes it is just not your day. No one has a perfect track record when it comes to baking a cake. IF you are like me then you just simply  LOVE baking cakes. Baking cakes is my favorite form of cooking. But in spite of the fact that I have been baking for a long time, there are times when I have cake mishaps or otherwise know as cake wrecks.

So what to do when your cake falls apart? It’s likely you can do something to salvage the situation. Whether your cake did not rise or you ended up with a broken or too-done cake, you can hopefully find a solution to help you either fix the cake or turn it into something else presentable. Turning out a cake, only to have it fall apart, is one of the most frustrating experiences one can have while baking a cake. But the ugly cake is still cake, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t eat it. So let us go through the many ways that we can save our cakes.

But first, we have to figure out why the problem came to be in the first place. There are many reasons why our cake could fall apart, but most often are the following: too little or too much moisture, poor planing, wrong oven temperature, under o rover-baking the cake, not enough emulsification. It ca neven depend on where you live. If you live in a very humid or hot climate there is a chance that your cake will not turn out the way you hoped even if you have followed the recipe word for word.

If your cake sticks and breaks in half when it is coming out of the pan or if it breaks apart, use icing or lemon curd to put the cake back together. This works best on a layer cake or on a cake that is frosted completely on the outside.

If your cake has fallen but is otherwise fine, you can try leveling it. You’ll end up with a slightly thinner cake level, but at least you’ll have a cake. If the cake has dropped way too low to work with as a layer, do not worry, you can still use it as many different things such as ice cream topping, or as filling for homemade cake pops. You can crumble the cake and mix it with frosting to make cake balls. Mix in store-bought or homemade frosting, adding just enough so the mixture comes together when squeezed. Roll the mixture into balls, and then toss in coconut, sprinkles, or cocoa powder basically whatever you prefer.

If there is no way to save the cake that has fallen apart, do not worry because you can make something that is eye-appealing and delicious. I am talking about making trifles. Trifles are irresistible all on their own, but adding cake into the mix is just the next level. All your friends will think you planned this all along. What you do is put your pieces of cake in a deep serving bowl and add some whipped cream, some pudding, and fresh fruit and there you have it- a masterpiece!


what to do when your cake falls apart

Cake, Fallen Apart

Here is another great idea. Throw a few chunks of cake in a blender with some ice cream (choose your flavor) and milk, then blend away. VOILA! There you have it- a milkshake out of cake.

If you have cracks in your cake, you can cover the cake with frosting to hide the imperfections. Frosting will hide small cracks perfectly. If the cake has big cracks in it, you can use frosting as glue to try and put the cake back together. If the cracks are only on the top of the cake, you can flip the cracked cake over to create a smooth top, so you are using the bottom as the top.

If you do not want to do any of that, you can always just eat the cake as you originally planned with all the imperfections, no one will judge you you are the master of your kitchen J

As I have shown you, there are so many ways how you can save or reuse your cake that has fallen apart and does not worry, whatever you choose to do, remember it will still be delicious.


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